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History of Gahanna Gift Shop

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When we landed in Gahanna in 2017, our hope was to be a church that impacted our community in a way that if we left, they’d sincerely miss us. 


Just three months into our existence as a church plant “launch team,” we had an idea and we took a chance. We called it the Goshen Lane Gift Shop - a one-day Christmas shopping experience for families in need in Goshen Lane Elementary School. We didn’t know if we’d have enough gifts, or if anyone would come, but we knew we wouldn’t be able to make a real difference if we didn’t take a shot at it!


It was amazing. Our small church donated hundreds of toys. The Goshen Lane community supported us, and about 65 families came to our first event. We were so thankful for the chance to serve them. And not only did we get to serve our families, but all of the profits were donated to Goshen Lane Elementary School for a few projects they only dreamed of being able to accomplish. It was a win-win-win, all the way around.


Since then, it has only grown. More churches and community organizations have jumped on board. We have grown from Goshen Lane to Gahanna Middle School West in an effort to serve more families, more kids, and more of our community. It’s not just 3 hours long - it’s now open for 7 hours! In 2020, over 1700 gifts were donated, and we were able to write a check to the Gahanna Schools for $3000. 


We hope this is just the beginning. We hope other communities can take what we’ve learned and impact even more people.


If you want to make a difference, jump on board. Donate some toys. Volunteer at the event. Tell some people in need about this great opportunity. Our goal has been simple: serve in a way that if we left, we’d be missed. Thanks to other churches, organizations, and faithful friends of the Gahanna Gift Shop, we are well on our way to accomplishing that.

- Joel Trainer | Lead Pastor of Three Creeks Church

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